Camping Hammock

Camping On Air With Unique Travel Hammock

Hammock camping is a unique design of a name architect Alex Shirley – Smith, he made use of the hammock for camping with the name Tentsile. This hammock was hanging on the tree the way the ground over 3 metres and can be the shelter for 8 people. Hammocks are designed to provide a more flexible camping experience in places where there is no flat ground. The hammock was hanging like a tree house that you can take with you anywhere. At the same time it helps you and your friends to experience nature in the great outdoors in a way unprecedented. There are some website for your reference to find the hammock when camping with your family or your friend.


Why Create A Hammock Camping

Get the idea the way spider silk, architect John Shirley – Smith has created Tentsile with the ability to carry the weight of 5 tons. It only takes about 30 minutes to getting this hammock up 3 trees, Tentsile is said to be helpful to people in natural disasters such as floods or earthquakes. This friendly company also promised that they will cultivate three new green when each hammock Tenstile sold out.
When asked, Alex Shirley – Smith has shared: “About seven years ago I was wondering how to create was a tree house can carry away is when I see a spider are creating its nest. Since then I’ve thought of this initiative “.
Overcome the initial financial difficulties, Alex now Shirley-Smith received the praise and especially those orders for this unique hammock.

The Weather Is Ideal for the Use of Hammock Camping

The majority of people who travel to select type of hammock 3 season, because it fits most of the summer, spring and autumn. If you usually camp in hot and humid conditions, then please search the many ventilation mesh hammock. A few sagging roof above 100% materials used as the grid. The net is very suitable for stargazing on the fresh cool night when without rain shield.
When the night cold and to the wind, you should think to expand hammocks type. The desire to face the wind repeatedly or would like to risk a night outdoors in winter. You need to go for hammocks, hammocks or hammock explorer 4 seasons.

A Few Tips When Using Hammocks Camping

Practise hanging hammock camping at home before the start of the first picnic trip. Any use of the hammock for the first time ever is also a challenge. And it will give you experience, conduct more finely when unexpectedly must use it quickly immediately because of sudden weather changes or the coming storm.
The above is the basic steps needed to know when to use the hammock camping, with those who first use the hammock, the information you were well enough for you. If you are a more professional, want to enhance understanding of the sagging tent then we will study in more detail about the design and texture of it.
The camping Hammock is a type of tent on unpopular in simple tent system. It offers a new experience for you when the night outdoors. Its design is very compact, lightweight. But need a place to hang the hammock fit and sure.

Other Necessary Supplies

  • Prepare for individuals: before going to the camp we should be prepared for each individual to ensure participation the camp will have the best spirit and avoid many risks.
  • On health: sleep early, wake up early to adjust precisely the biological clock to when joining camping can sleep early and wake up also very soon to ensure the process works at the camp.
  • About the body: the need to cut the nails short and especially toenails are cut before 1 week away to camp to ensure when wearing shoes that will not hurt the toe.
  • Spirit: ignore the unhappy and try to make the spirit camp real comfort, avoid stress, setting out plans for the camp, with friends and professional skills training on camp.
  • Regarding the page: check the following items before going camping, without the need to supplement.
  • Individual sticks: should we equip each individual death range 1m2 range rod to prop when moving in the jungle or mountain climbing.
  • Versatile knife: this is very necessary when going camping, if the knife as many functions and you use the function that then you are a camp professional.
  • Sleeping bags: If financing allows us also can equip a personal sleeping bag intended to spend the night in cold time.
  • Personal kits: prepare some medication headache, abdominal pain, vitamin … to serve you and help you.





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