Camping On Air With Unique Travel Hammock

Hammock camping is a unique design of a name architect Alex Shirley – Smith, he made use of the hammock for camping with the name Tentsile. This hammock was hanging on the tree the way the ground over 3 metres and can be the shelter for 8 people. Hammocks are designed to provide a more flexible camping experience in places where there is no flat ground. The hammock was hanging like a tree house that you can take with you anywhere. At the same time it helps you and your friends to experience nature in the great outdoors in a way unprecedented. There are some website for your reference to find the hammock when camping with your family or your friend. Continue reading Camping On Air With Unique Travel Hammock

Camping – A Few Things That You Should Know

More and more urban camping by the sea open up causing tourists, especially young extremely interested. And the feeling was sleeping tent, or sleep in the palm when a roofing side of the sea is happy to have nothing can compare.┬áNot hard to recognize young people now increasingly liked traveling close to nature, experience the wild thing, near sunshine near the wind. That is also the reason the picnic area, camping by the sea is opened each time a lot, that place would also have separate suction power should all go on the wish-list of young people move their ham. Continue reading Camping – A Few Things That You Should Know