Reasons And Tips to Take Your Children to A Campsite

Camping is a popular activity for children in the United States. Each year, there are millions of children attending summer camps with their schools or going on a camping adventure with their family. There are several benefits that camping bring to your children including physical and mental benefits. We also provide some tips at the end of the article to help you prepare the best camping experience for your children.

Here Are Some Reasons Why Camping Is Good for Kids:

  1. Camping Provides A Lot of Activities

There are many activities that your children could engage to when they go camping. This starts from the first step when your children need to walk on foot to the campsite. Then there are various activities to keep them busy: running, jumping, climbing, to name just a few. And being physically active like that helps children to be healthier and fitter.

There are also good chances for children to participate in new activities they have not tried.

  1. Camping Offers Fresh Air

There are no smart phones and iPads for your kids to be immersed in, they need to go outside.

Being outside provides fresh air and beautiful scenes. They also have a good chance to learn about a variety of plants and flora as well as animals in their natural habitats, instead of in zoos, which are rare sights in big cities with buildings.

  1. Camping Create And Enhance Life-long Skills

Camping helps children learning new things hence gain resiliency. Camping offers different environment from school and home. They will learn to conquer their fears and learn how to cope with new different situations as well. There are also many lessons that your kids can learn while camping. They will participate in preparation for meal, building campsite, fishing and hiking. All these lessons will follow them for the rest of their lives.

From activities at the campsite, children learn how to work in a team, learn how to make decisions and learn how to be safe in the nature. There are various lessons to be learnt.

  1. Camping Bring Friends And Family Closer

At campsite, by doing many fun activities such as singing, and have fun time together, kids can make friends more easily. There is no academic competition, they have to agree to cooperate, communicate and respect each other to “survive” in the wild.

Furthermore, camping time also strengthens the bonds among family member. By spending time together, especially with no interruption from technology, you will have chance to know your children better. There are various activities you can do with your children like setting up tents, go fishing, preparing meals; all of these will help you to know your children’ characteristics better and let them know about another image of you as well. Take this time to listen and talk to your children more.

Now you know that camping provides many benefits to your children, here are some tips to ensure you can bring an unforgettable memory to your children when you take them for camping:

  • You had better prepare your children with the information about the trip before setting out. Something like where the campsite is or how long it takes to get there will set some expectations about the trip for the kids.
  • Prepare for kids’ gears such as sleeping bags for kids, hammock, water bottles, toiletry items, especially wet tissues and First Aid kit. Also prepare some snacks. It is useful to bring a whistle for the kids to use if they get lost.
  • Pack appropriate clothes for them. Plans for extra because they are easier to get dirty or wet than adults. Wearing layers is recommended. You can take one or two out easily if it is hot or your children get wet.
  • Engage your children with all activities they could do at their age, namely setting up the campsite, preparing foods, collecting woods and getting fresh water. This gives them sense of independence and satisfaction of jobs well done. Don’t push them too hard which could lead to frustration. They may say “No” next time when you suggest camping.
  • As we all want our children to experience the outdoors, persuade them not to bring electronic devices such as Nintendo DS or smart phones. You could bring books and coloring cards or some board games to play at night.
  • At camping site, always keep an eye on your children. If they are too small, never let them go anywhere alone.
  • Never leave snacks (even with wraps) inside the tent. Small insects like ants and bugs can smell a long way and try to get into the tents.
  • Last but not least, teach them some basic lessons about safety. You never know when it is too late. Tell them not to eat anything before they ask you, do not go near a strange animal also. Teach them to respect other campers as well such as be quite in the morning, do not run into people’s campsites or take their food. Speak to them like adults to create a sense of responsibility in them

Overall, remember to have fun. Camping is a unique opportunity for your children to have fun while learning valuable skills and making new friends. It is also a good chance for family to be together so take the most out of it.




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