X-Rocker Ace Bayou Vibe 2.1 Wireless Bluetooth Gaming Chair Review

Sore backs, sweaty chairs, and discomfort are something that gamers sometimes go through when they are in the middle of a tough session. 

But what if you didn’t have to? Buying a gaming chair is an excellent way to take your gaming experience to the next level.

In this review, I will be reviewing the X-Rocker Ace Bayou Gaming Chair. This chair is currently selling on Amazon.

For this gaming chair review, I will be sitting to enjoy a movie, as well as engaging in an FPS game for two hours. 

I will rate the chair on the way that it looks, how comfortable it is, how easy it is to set up, the sound quality, and its features compared against some of the other chairs that I have tried.

 How does it look?

The Ace Bayou gaming chair gets points for appearance because its vivid red color stands out beautifully against the black of this chair. 

It loses points for appearance, however, because red and black are such a common color for gaming chairs. While it looks great, there is not a lot of room for individuality with this chair.

Is it Comfy?

I was very satisfied with the way that this chair felt when I sat down. It has an ergonomic design that allows the back to sit very comfortably. 

It is also padded with a sweat-resistant material that is soft and does not get too hot while you are sitting. I sat for about three and a half hours total and did not sweat at all.

After watching a movie and gaming for two hours straight, I am happy to report that I do not have any back pain. 

The arms also served their purpose, as the comfortable padding let me rest my elbows comfortably through my intense gaming session. I can only imagine that it would be comfortable for longer sessions as well.

One thing that I did not like is that there is no base for this chair. 

While some people may prefer a lower sitting chair, I found that I had to strain to see my television screen when I was leaning forward during the game. It did work excellently when I was reclined to watch the movie, however, so I can imagine it would work well for less intense gaming.


Portability is an area where this chair is lacking. From looking at it, you would think that it is much lighter than it is. However, it is not that easy to lug around, especially for young adults and children. 

Its heavyweight is also a drawback if you want to bring a comfy chair over for gaming sessions or movie nights with a group of friends.

Ease of Use

The initial setup of the chair can be either easy or difficult, depending on how familiar you are with the wiring. While it can be a bit confusing at first, you will eventually be able to plug the cords in fairly easily.

It is a bit disadvantageous that this chair is wired because it limits where you can go with it. On the other hand, you do not need batteries to operate this chair. 

However, it still has wireless control because there are knobs on the chair that adjust the level of sound and vibration that you experience.

How well does it sound?

The sound system of this chair, in my opinion, is pretty great. It works using Bluetooth technology so that you can easily sync your television, music, or game system to the chair and enjoy incredible sound.

It is not as powerful as the 4.0 surround sound chairs, however, it still sounds crisp and clear. The volume can easily be adjusted using a knob on the side of the chair. 

As I watched the movie, the sound improved the cinematic experience, especially during intense parts. It was also an asset to the video game because it allowed me to communicate with other members of my team and also hear leaves rustling and other environmental sounds.

The reason that the sound of the chair is a great feature is that it is great for late-night gaming sessions, or even just watching TV. Having the speakers so close to you allows you to enjoy your activity at a reasonable level, without needing it so loud that it disturbs the other members of your house.

Vibrating Function

There are three different settings for the intensity of the vibrations. I have mixed emotions about this function. On one hand, it could be good for relaxation. If you were reading and wanted some background noise, or didn’t mind the droning as you relax, then the vibrating function works well.

Unfortunately, when you are playing a game or watching a movie, the vibrations can be quite distracting. Even on the chair’s lowest setting, it makes very audible noise. 

Unless you have the sound turned up very loudly, you will not be able to enjoy the sound of your movies or video games. This is especially a problem at night, when you may want to have the sound turned down so you do not disturb others.


  • Great design, with lots of gaming chair brands on the market today it is worth having a chair that stands out from the crowd, this chair with its red a black design does manage to do that!
  • Value for Money, Spending this much money on a chair you want to expect that you get something worth your money, with it’s Bluetooth and built-in speakers you feel like you are getting value for money.
  • Multipurpose, Doesn’t just have to be used for gaming, can be used for TV, Movies, or even reading.
  • With impressive features, Bluetooth Connectivity, 2.1 sound, and a subwoofer with volume and bass controllers the X-Rocker Ace Bayou is packed with features.


  • The Vibrator can be a bit loud.
  • Some of the wires can get messy.
  • It only comes with a 2-month warranty which seems slightly sort for this type of product.
  • That is all we could think of!


First, the Ace Bayou only comes with a two-month warranty. Considering that some of the other chairs have warranties that may last a year or longer, this is rather disappointing. 

The lack of a decent warranty makes you wonder if the X-Rocker Company doubts the quality of the materials used to make their chair.

My Final Thoughts about the chair

In my opinion, the price of this gaming chair is a little steep. While it does have Bluetooth connectivity, it is not completely wireless. Another downside is the vibrating function, which is a factor in the much higher price. 

Unless you live alone or you do not plan on using the function when you are playing the game or watching a movie, then it is not worth the extra cost. 

Think very carefully about how you are going to be using this chair. It is incredibly comfortable, but some people may be disappointed when it cannot be used for what they want.

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