Best bars and live music bar in Saigon, should’t miss

Saigon is not only famous for its musical but it is also famous for other forms of entertainment but what more than to have find live music in the heart of the city. Best bars in Ho Chi Minh is not hard to find. It is actually easy to find and you can find the best just around the corner. You may be looking for some rock jams or some relaxing soothing melody, you can find it right here in Saigon. It is not unknown that most big hotels and establishments have live music entertainment such as the Carrabelle Hotel or the Rex Hotel which held live bands everynight in their rooftop but you may want to wander off in the city looking for other alternatives and this is why I am going to show you the where to find the best entertainment in this musical city.

Seventeen Saloon

This live band music hall packs rock and roll with some of the best Filipino bands in cowboy clothes and boots in a wooden saloon. Seventeen Saloon is a 2 storey place where Vietnamese loves to go and hear great refreshing music. The live band plays from 9 pm until late in the evening and you can bask in the sound of some heavy rock mucic from Bon Jovi to U2 in a top volume. if you want a quiet night, this is not the place for you. This live music hall is for those easy going folks where even the waitresses are dressed in sexy country clothes and meant to attract tourists and locals alike.

Yoko Bar

This is located just a short taxi drive away from Saigon at District 3. This trendy bar is place where you can enjoy acoustic jazz pop, rock and other sorts of music in a unique classic bar. Yoko bar is a real live music bar and you can expect live band playing every night from Monday til Sundays. You can enjoy classic rock music sang by great singers and if you ant to sing along with the band , you are free to do that. YOu will find comfortable sofas and upstairs you can get a great view of the live band as they perform. This bar is a perfect location to unwind, grab a cocktail or cold beer and or just listen to great songs.

Hard Rock Café

In every country, I think there is a Hard rock Café, so I think there is not much of introduction needed. They are famous for their grat foot, TEx or Mex dishes, great mix of cocktail and great live band performances that will keep you entertained after you have a hearty dish. It is known all through out and keeps the locals and tourists coming back for more. The live sound at Hard Rock cafe here in Saigon is excellent and is plays great song choices ad meddley for people of all ages. It is family friendly and will keep you well fed with its great western classics of burgers and ribs. It is located at Kumho Asiana Plaza and close to Botanical gardens in Saigon city.

Sax n‘ Art

This is a live jazz bar in the heart of Saigon. Here you will find the ambiance to be mysterious and unique where you can listen attentively to the contemporary jazz singers. This live jazz band place is a bit more expensive than other bars in Saigon but quality and ambiance is what they are marketing for. They have one of the best jazz band in the whole Saigon and you can get great space and relaxation while in this fine establishment. This bar is located at Le Loi just near to the popular Ben Tranh Market.

The owner of this place is a former jazz saxophone player and his style and standard is what you can see in this bar. Here you can listne to standard jazz songs and some great compositions that can relax and give you a place to think and unwind or simply enjoy your drink. There is great jazz music played every single night.

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