Camping – A Few Things That You Should Know

More and more urban camping by the sea open up causing tourists, especially young extremely interested. And the feeling was sleeping tent, or sleep in the palm when a roofing side of the sea is happy to have nothing can compare. Not hard to recognize young people now increasingly liked traveling close to nature, experience the wild thing, near sunshine near the wind. That is also the reason the picnic area, camping by the sea is opened each time a lot, that place would also have separate suction power should all go on the wish-list of young people move their ham. When the resort to budget and luxury, or hotels, motels has become something quite familiar, the type who also know, then sleeping tent, sleep in bungalows right next to the sea is again new things makes the young excitement. That love shit, night is heard, the waves, the wind, enjoy things completely different atmosphere and experience a sense of very refreshing. In this article, we will talk to you a couple of things about camping

1. How to Choose the Tent

On the current market, people have sold enough of the types, the form of tent- tent from a few people to a few dozen types of people … enough of forms, styles, colors … However this tent slightly expensive price category.  Is a resourceful person (or as resourceful) we must know how to self may take his tent, just inexpensive, has just the right note.  Want to sew the tent, first, we select the form and then made of cardboard with a ratio of 1/10.  Magnified 10 times over the fabric and then cut.  Compact and lightweight for use nylon fabric, waterproof, and oil very quickly. Or use a khaki, Kate shirt, striped nylon canvas. You should know this when you go camping
Want to waterproof, we use an aqueous Acetate alumina (bought in the stores of chemicals) mixed water 3-4 times more. Dip the fabric into and then bring the Sun to dry. This chemical does not make the fabric changes color, doing heavier fabric, ventilation but still waterproof.

2. Some Note When Choosing the Tent

In styling, the option we choose. Here, we would like instructions on how to sew and the size of two regular roof tent types that we use most.  This type of precipitation or cold season, then two roofs swept down. If it is hot, sunny season, I stretch a roof onto the tent will cool.  When sewing this tent type, we save money, just convenient to use and fits our needs. We select waterproof fabric. Light and bright colors to not absorb the heat of the Sun. In the middle of the roof, we should ballast a lizard wire though. The corners and top of the line on our tent fabric or leather reclamation to increase the stamina of the tent.  About the size depending on the needs of the US. Here is the size of the tent for 6 to 8 people: this dimension type corresponding to the columns tent 1, 60 m.
Note two at the side of the tent, so there are two sheets of sure to fold in, to fight the rain doused and insects.  If there are conditions, one should tailor the triangular shield in two top tents for the night and the rain season.

3. Location of the Tent

– Plug in the tent where bare soil, have shade umbrellas in the afternoon.
– Select where the land is flat, with no jagged rocks, no large trees, no bushes or grass spikes, cleared and then take less gravel stones.
– Avoid the wind tufa lilugu to tents.
– Do not close the high trees, remnants of the tent is very dangerous when it rains.
– Do not pitch your tent beneath the shallow streams, flood waters on the come up empty-handed.
– Distance of the tents close enough for easy operator but is far enough to the nest, the team are independent of each other.

4. How to Build the Tent

To erect a tent for properly and fast while you go camping, campers must receive training every manipulation for synchronization. His mission is to know what to do in the tent.  The squad tent change from 2 to 8 people, the campers must be carefully trained to practice out of embarrassment. Standard set out is the time to build each of the tents are not more than 5 minutes.
With a team of 8 people:
1. Two campers grip two columns tent, set in position 1 & 2 on the roof of the tent. Hard by column button quai paddle (boat column). Keep column straightening. The roof of the tent turned in the right direction.
2. Two other campers, are standing in the position of A1 and A2, two piles are either end to stretch the roof of the tent. Piles close to the way the leg columns tent about 1, 6 m (corresponding to the height columns tent). Pull the rope taut and real button quail paddle.
3. Four campers are standing in four positions (from B1 to B4) at the same time pull out the tent, four corners and pile on by column button stretch tents (tenteur) or the button straps or a second lock. Have to pull the corner of the tent’s roof taut truth for 450.
4. Four campers are standing in position 1, 2, A1, A2 left the location, to the top of the pile and column C on a line.

5. A Couple of Other Notes

– The pile to 45o tilted to the outside.
– The pile B and C in line with each other to create an imaginary rectangle around the tent.
– Two columns and two piles 1.2 tent rope stretch A1 and A2 together lying on a straight line.
– Two columns tent to the ground.
– The piles are B1, B2, B3, B4 tent corner cut into two parts, each part 45o.
If the minor camp assignment carries what more they must write out a sheet of paper and when buying or at home is available to contact and consult with the U.S. Chief superior view farm has agreed on the item or not.

6. Drainage Ditches

When the tent is complete, we must dig drainage ditches, and please don’t take that to dig a ditch deep, 10 cm wide, 20 cm. Centre of the ditch just below the edge of the tent (small water drops down). How much the soil dug up, up into the part inside the tent. Ditch and dike should dig up the straight truth and to increase the aesthetic portion of the tent.
If the land slopes, just dig 3 side of the tent. The slightly deeper digging on the slopes, the two sides then dug out long tent a little. Don’t ever see the sun is the sun without digging ditches, because if the sun suddenly pouring rain (especially at night), then it can’t be back hand up.

7. Folding Tents

Just like when your tent, when folded the tent we have to manipulate in order to be quickly and neatly.
+ Clean clean around the tents and furniture.
+ Ropes and spit out two piles at the side of the tent (not to pluck two piles at either end to tent)
+ Closed tent (if there are tent door)
+ Two Short roof tents and give in favour of a party
+ Remove the rope and spit head piles two tents.





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